Little Plumber LP1 (mains operated Discount !!

Little Plumber LP1 (mains operated Electronic Water Softener)

Little Plumber LP1 (mains operated Electronic Water Softener)

Product Features

  • The LP1 is a mains operated Electronic Water Softener
  • The LP1 softens hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming
  • The LP1 is easy to install, requires no maintenance and needs no plumbing or chemicals
  • The LP1 is suitable for a 1-4 bedroom house and comes with a 12 month no quibble full refund guarantee
  • Please email for installation PDF (home installation service is also available)

Product descriptions
Description : The Little Plumber Water Conditioner will save you money the moment it is installed. It is a compact computerised electronic water conditioner that descales your existing system and prevents new limescale forming. Your water will also feel softer so no need for a traditional water softener. By having this water treatment device installed you will also benefit from more efficient heating of water and therefore SAVE ENERGY. Your appliances will last longer you will have softer hair and your skin will be healthier as a result of this water softener alternative.

Removes existing limescale
Prevents new limescale forming
Protects and extends the life of your appliances
Reduces your heating bills
Kinder to skin and hair
Water remains potable so it can be used for drinking and cooking
Easy to install
No plumbing or chemicals
Cost £2.00 a year to run
Cuts energy costs - ECOFRIENDLY
Treats pipes up to 50 mms diameter
Computerised microchip technology
Made in the U.K. by people who care

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