24 professional Multilayer Birthday Wedding Big SALE

24 professional Multilayer Birthday Wedding Anniversary Cake Tins in various shapes.

24 professional Multilayer Birthday Wedding Anniversary Cake Tins in various shapes.

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Product Features

  • Product contains 24 cake tins which consist of 3 heart + 3 hexagon + 3 petal + 3 round + 3 square + 3 Oval + 3 Rectangle and 3 Star cake tins. sizes = 8" 10" 12", 3" deep (each)
  • Long lasting tins at affordable price
  • Consistent baking result from top to bottom
  • Tins available in Square, Circle, Rectangle, Hexagon, Oval, Heart, Star, Petal, Tear Drop and others novelty shapes
  • Top tips - Not dishwasher safe - Use butter to grease the tin before baking - Let the pan cool down for 10 minutes before attempting to get the cake out

Product descriptions
Description : IF YOU WANT DIFFERENT SIZES, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT US KINDLY SEND US A MASSAGE WE DO OUR BEST FOR YOU...! The Cakes World is your one stop shop for all your caking baking needs, whether you are a casual one timer or a professional baker or preparing for a wedding cake or a small birthday cake you will find a complete range of cake tins & bakeware. THE CAKES WORLD is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality Cake pans, Baking sheets, Cutters and similar products. THE CAKES WORLD's bakewares are highly recommended by professional bakers in the UK and outside. We have been serving the cake baking industry for number of years in the UK and Europe. We offer extensive range of cake tins in various shapes and sizes also allowing customer to place bespoke orders. The tins are manufactured under our own facility allowing us to control the manufacturing process. THE CAKES WORLD's products are sold in UK and also have thousands of satisfied customers in Europe. In addition, we hav...

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