Radfan Classic MAX - Low SALE

Radfan Classic MAX - Low Power Radiator Fan

Radfan Classic MAX - Low Power Radiator Fan

FAN tastic
Usually in very cold spells we have to turn the gas fire on to boost the central heating but now we are using the Radfan we have had no need to do that No cold feet now
It works so if you are thinking of purchasing do so you will not be disappointed

Product Features

  • Increase your home's warmth and comfort
  • Efficient fans redirect the warm air straight out into the room
  • The most powerful Radfan is perfect for large rooms, large houses or if you really feel the cold
  • Fully automatic thermostatic operation - Radfan Classic Max only runs when your radiator is warm
  • Easy self installation - no plumber or electrician needed

Product descriptions
Description : Make the most of your radiator by installing the Radfan Classic Max. The biggest member of the Radfan family, the Radfan Classic Max uses 6 fans to bring you warmth where you want it, redirecting heat from your radiator straight into your room. If expensive heating bills have left you feeling frosty, this could be the product for you. Radfan uses industry leading, low power, quiet fans that consume less than £6 of electricity each year, saving you money on your annual heating bill. Using magnets to secure to the top of your radiator, the Radfan can be installed in seconds and because it only runs when your radiator is warm, you don't need to worry about switching it on and off. So leave the chill at the door and keep your home warm and cosy all year round.

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