Large Jewelry Box inlaid with Get Rabate

Large Jewelry Box inlaid with Wooden draw Mother of Pearl (Purple)

Large Jewelry Box inlaid with Wooden draw Mother of Pearl (Purple)

Product Features

  • 4 Drawers for Storage
  • One large tray.
  • Large mirror on underside of lid.
  • Ring and Earring organisers.
  • Red Felt Lining

Product descriptions
Description : This wooden jewellery boxes chest depicts a serene image of cranes delighting in an idyllic moment under an old pine tree, a symbol of elevated consciousness and dignified spirit. Made from mother of pearl, lacquer paint and wood this wooden jewellery box is a find example of Korean Najeon Chilgi. Consisting of four removable drawers decorated with butterfly handles and one large storage compartment at the top with ring and earring organisers. All storage areas are lined with red felt to protect from scratches. Under the lid also is a large mirror making this jewellery box not only decorative storage but also a useful addition to any bedside or dressing table. Mother of Pearl lacquerware is crafted by inlaying the coloured shell pieces onto a wooden frame prepared with layers of lacquer and hemp cloth which are repeatedly ground down, lacquered and polished to give a smooth surface with a high shine. This process can take months to complete. The art of Najeon Chilgi dates back to the N...

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