Jasmine Silk 100% Mulberry 19MM Discount !!

Jasmine Silk 100% Mulberry 19MM Charmeuse Silk Fitted Sheet (Mocha) - DOUBLE 140cm x 190cm + 26cm

Jasmine Silk 100% Mulberry 19MM Charmeuse Silk Fitted Sheet (Mocha) - DOUBLE 140cm x 190cm + 26cm

jasmine silk is fantastic. once you use silk, nothing else compares.
this great quality silk is very expensive even at amazon reduced prices. however, you do get what you pay for and it is fabulous. breathable like no other material. very comfortable. top quality so durable and not fragile. For me, the best treat ever. the only downside is that good silk seems addictive. polycotton now seems unbearable as it does not breathe at all, good 100% cotton is good if uncreased but silk is amazing. soft, no creases, truly breathable and jasmine silk is durable ,top quality material. the ultimate in comfort and my cat adores it too. the cat has not caused any snags. basically, beautiful.

Product Features

  • Soft, Smooth and Beautiful - 100% 19 momme finest and seamless charmeuse silk
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic - Relief from itchy skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.
  • Anti-Ageing & Hair Frizz - Superb anti wrinkle skin care product which stop your face and hair from drying out.
  • Luxurious and gorgeous - Ultimate sleep design, perfect gift ideal for any occasion or treat yourself.
  • Machine washable - at 30 °C using mild silk detergent. We recommend Tenestar as a cleaning agent for both machine and hand washes. Air dry and cool iron.

Product descriptions
Description : We make our machine washable mocha silk fitted sheets from the finest seamless mulberry charmeuse silk. It has a heavy weight of 19 momme with a 400 thread count - you can feel the quality the moment you touch it.

Sleeping in silk feels wonderful and is especially suitable for people with allergies or skin conditions. It is naturally cooling so ideal for anyone who suffers with hot flushes. Exquisitely soft to the touch, with the best drape of all fabrics, you simply can't buy a better silk fitted sheet

This fitted sheet comes in a classic mocha colour with elasticated corners. Matching housewife and Oxford style pillowcases, mocha silk flat sheets and duvet covers are available separately.

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