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Fruit Press Apple Press Wine Press Cider Press 6 L

Fruit Press Apple Press Wine Press Cider Press 6 L

Works a treat. I have learnt that apples need to be minced first ( chopping doesn't produce half as much juice). The instructions are in German, but everything is self explanatory

Product Features

  • Fruitpress 6 litre volume, inclusive pulp bag
  • Acacia wood
  • Total height: ca. 600 mm, Height of the pressing basket: ca. 230 mm
  • Weight:8 kg
  • Diameter of the collecting basin: 280 mm

Product descriptions
Description : This stable wine press made of hardwood (acacia) is ideally suited for the
pressing of fruit and berries. The basket content is 6 litre and the press
includes a mechanical impulse and a continuous steel spindle. All metal parts
are painted with food genuine colour. The 4 foots of the wine press are made of
metal. Quick and easy to assemble ready for use, easy to clean.
Included are five wooden blocks so that the pressing plate could go deeply
into the basket to reach and press all the fruits on the ground, too. Cheap
presses often contain too little or too small blocks. Take a look and compare
other offers yourselves.
This wine press bottom is made of acacia wood,too. This has the advantage
that the pressed juice doesn't get too much in contact with metal parts or paint
(except the steel spindle).
These are essential qualities in comparison to cheap products.
Including pulp bag.
Technical Data:
- weight: 8 kg- Total amount: 600 mm- Height of the pressing basket:
230 mm- Diame...

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