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Electrim Mashing Bins Vessels

Electrim Mashing Bins Vessels

Product Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled Heat For Boiling, Mashing and Sparging
  • Home Brew Online are pleased to announce the new Digital Electrim Mashing Bin EB1D as a great step forward for home brewing
  • It has several main benefits over other designs in that it can achieve a rolling boil without cutting out
  • It maintains a gentle simmer and it can hold mashing temperatures to within 1 deg C.
  • For those home brewers wanting to brew beer with grain, this new digital version is a must.

Product descriptions
Description : EB1D Beermakers Mashing Bin. Used when making 'Real' beer for mashing and sparging, to produce the wort which is then fermented to produce the finished article. The bin is 32 litre capacity, and is fitted with a 2.4Kw element in the base, controlled via a digital thermostat. The temperature range can be set between 0 to 100 degrees C, allowing precise mashing and sparging temperatures to be maintained. A tap is fitted to ease the emptying and sparging processes. Accuracies of +/- 1 degree C at 60 deg C can be achieved. Specifications 240 Volt 13 Amp, 2.4 Kw heating element, 1 degree temperature adjustments, Rolling boil/Simmer easily achieved, Full instructions are included with the equipment, and a full years manufacturers guarantee for peace of mind.

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