Earthing Sheet Fitted Double fitted Discount !!

Earthing Sheet Fitted Double fitted mains + rod

Earthing Sheet Fitted Double fitted mains + rod

Product Features

  • Welcome the New Year discounted- -Experience reported benefits of quality sleep, vitality, reduced pain. Cost over 5 years is 8p per day: a worthwhile investment as a wellness contribution. Sheets provide a general supportive input. If there are also local issues (e.g. inflammation in the hands, elbow-knee issues consider adding local treatment with patches, bands, conductive earthing garments.
  • Three sizes- for single or double:1.4m/4ft6in active; for king 1.6m/5ft active; super king 2.1 m/6ft6in active; all with extra 0.5m cotton tuck under each end; all 0.9m width, all fit across middle or bottom of bed for bare legs contact A no effort night time support. For optimum earthing consider conductive mat for daytime use. For local issues support the general benefits of sheets and mats with locally applied patches or bands.
  • If you are cold in bed or have ankle problems consider conductive grounding socks, which distribute the earths input over that whole area via sheet contact.
  • Check testers are available as a sheet conductivity tester (B00F5A96TQ) and a body voltage tester (B00AI4I398). For socket testers, rod system and Europe see General Info button
  • Complete instructions for use and machine washing. Full health application and technical support via phone and email 9 am to 9 pm 7 days per week from PhD engineer and traditionally trained naturopath, based on 4 years experience

Product descriptions
Description : Earthing at night is very convenient: you just lie on the sheet with bare legs/body to make skin contact and connect to the Earths natural rhythms and pool of electrons. The earths electrons are believed responsible for the anti free radical, anti aging, anti inflammatory and pain reduction effects established in clinical studies and supported by user feedback. The rhythms stored in the earth are able to reset the wake- sleep clock which may be responsible for effects clinically observed on the hormone system and stress reduction. Earthing can assist in defuse the inflammation process reduce or eliminate chronic pain improve sleep patterns and quality - better sleep increases vitality lower stress and promote calmness normalise the body biological rhythms thin blood to improve blood pressure and flow reduce muscle tension and headaches balances hormonal and menstrual systems speed healing and help prevent bedsores

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