Bulldog TrailClamp TC200 Discount !!

Bulldog TrailClamp TC200

Bulldog TrailClamp TC200

Product Features

  • To fit rim diameter 10".
  • Tyre width 125-145mm.
  • Eg fits 5.00 or 5.20 or 145 x 10".

Product descriptions
Description : Bulldog TC200 Trailclamp. Compact portable wheel clamp specially designed for small Trailers its simple to use with a snap-shut lock and it covers all wheel nuts  Fits Wheels/Tyres ~ 5.00 x 10, 5.20 x 10, 145 x 10 Typical Applications ~ Trailers Product Weight ~ 7.3kg Product Video Data Sheet [TrailClamp.PDF]File Size: 192.96KB

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