Viceroybedding New SMALL DOUBLE (4ft) Promo Offer

Viceroybedding New SMALL DOUBLE (4ft) 120cm x 190cm Memory Foam Mattress 8" (20cm) High Quality Memory Foam Mattress with removeable cover

Viceroybedding New SMALL DOUBLE (4ft) 120cm x 190cm Memory Foam Mattress 8

Product Features

  • Size : 120cm x 190cm x 20cm
  • Comes with a luxury washable zip-off velour cover
  • Memory Foam provides a medium to firm support. (6 on a scale of 1-10)
  • Meets all UK fire regulation requirements

Product descriptions
Description : What is 'Memory Foam' ?

Memory Foam is the revolutionary Open Cell Foam, developed in 1970 by an aeronautical engineer as part of a research project in 1969 by NASA, it was aimed at providing better passenger impact protection and comfort during long commercial airline flights.

How does Memory Foam Work? Memory Foam works by moulding to your exact shape and position, cradling the head and the natural hollows of your neck, shoulders, back and knees and relaxing your joints and muscles.

When you turn in bed it quickly recovers and re-adjusts, providing you total support through the night.

Because of its ability to absorb pressure, memory foam can significantly reduce the need to turn in bed by 80%, thus a more restful nights sleep

Memory Foam Benefits:
Memory foam is most effective for relieving pressure points caused by the human body in its relaxed state.

The correct support can prevent or significantly reduce: tension,headaches, fibrosis in shoulder muscles,aches and pai...

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