Steba PG 4.4 Grill, 2000 Big SALE

Steba PG 4.4 Grill, 2000 W

Steba PG 4.4 Grill, 2000 W

very nice grill, but i somehow expected more.
1. when you switch it on, it never switches off and there is no timer, it means whatever i want to do, i have to watch a clock. for some reason i was sure that when you choose what to cook it just does the program, but there is no way anything to choose, there are just a pictures and time of how long it has to be cooked.
2. there are pictures on a grill itself, which tells you what meat on what heat for how long you need to cook, but you can't understand is it the time from the moment you switch grill on, or from the moment you put products on, how to know when to put products on?
3. when you switch grill on and choose temperature (1 to 5) led switches on, after a while led switches off - is it when the product has to be put on? or is it when grill switches off? for the first time i thought it's like a timer, but after I overcooked meat for couple of times, it proved my theory wrong.
4. there is no where for fat to run. on the edge there is a gap where fat has to run...
Product Features

  • Made in Germany
  • Multiple use for: - Contact grilling - Cook au gratin - Open grilling on double surface
  • Turnable non-stick coated die cast plates
  • Grill area: 2 x 37 x 23 cm
  • Flate plate for sausage, sea fruit tec.

Product descriptions
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