Rowlinson Willow Gazebo Floor On Sale

Rowlinson Willow Gazebo Floor

Rowlinson Willow Gazebo Floor

Overpriced goods and slow delivery.
Disappointing quality for what it costs. I expected better than what arrived. The deck boards were poor quality with several planks having large knots which had been knocked out leaving holes in the boards. Some of the boards were not nailed correctly and had seperated from the framework. To make things worse delivery was ridiculosly long (1 week later than stated). No communication from seller when email sent querying delivery time, even though they are meant to reply within 3 days. Overall disapointing experience. In my opinion the base should be about £40:00 less for the quality of what it is. On a positive it does finish the gazebo off nicely but you do need to put a bit of work into it to make it acceptable quality. This should not be the case for this amount of money.

Product Features

  • Designed to fit inside the Willow Gazebo
  • Pressure treated to protect against rot
  • Natural timber finish

Product descriptions
Description : Self Assembly Required

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