Philips HR1366/90 Hand Blender, 600 Big Discount

Philips HR1366/90 Hand Blender, 600 Watt

Philips HR1366/90 Hand Blender, 600 Watt

Very impressive Blender
We have an old Braun hand-held Blender and it needs food to be prepared before blending, ie it needs some help.

The Philips arrives in an enormous box, great for a pressie!

We tried the blender 'as is' on a Chilli-bean dip, this is very thick when prepared and the onions rather trip up the old Braun. The Phillips did the whole blend in 20 seconds; much, much finer than ever before and no pre-dicing required.

The family was very impressed. Good texture and the speed meant the dip was still hot and that improves the taste.

We then tried a Smoothy Milkshake, ice-cream, strawberries and a drop of milk. It took about 20 seconds in short bursts -brilliant.
The supplied mixing jug is 1 litre and filled three glasses with ice cold drink. It also comes with a tight non-spill lid, so any excess can be put straight in the fridge for later.

I then dragged out half a loaf of dry bread, tore it into chunks and chucked it into the accessory...
Product Features

  • Powerful 600 watt motor
  • Double-action blade that cuts horizontally and vertically
  • Chops onion, herbs, hard cheese and more
  • Detachable stainless steel shaft
  • Quick and easy cleaning

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