Norm 03 White (LARGE 650mm Discount !!

Norm 03 White (LARGE 650mm x 400mm)

Norm 03 White (LARGE 650mm x 400mm)

Product Features

  • Self-assembly lamp shade
  • Sculptural Light
  • Flat pack

Product descriptions
Description : Norm 03 is a wonderfully sculptural, self-assembly lamp shade designed with organic and simple principles in mind. When illuminated, it casts an intriguing pattern onto surrounding surfaces. It comes in 39 pieces with no tools or glue needed for assembly. Designed in 1969 by Simon Karkov, the Norm 69 lamp shade is fast becoming a Danish design classic. Attractive, functional and affordable, its contemporary design makes it ideal for modern home living.

Design Award: Formland Award 2002 - Denmark, Imm Cologne 2003 -Germany

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