NewTeam 1000-1500 XT/XM Shower Pump Big SALE

NewTeam 1000-1500 XT/XM Shower Pump Unit - SP-087-0110

NewTeam 1000-1500 XT/XM Shower Pump Unit - SP-087-0110

Not waterproofed or exactly correct for 1000XM model
4 issues:
For nearly £100 I would have expected the motor laminations to be protected from corrosion (which is what happened to previous motor). So I varnished them. If not, steam from bath would condense on the iron laminations and rust like crazy. It's just a bit sloppy to not bother with varnish.
Also it has a missing part. To fit correctly on 1000XM. There is a plastic brace missing which supports the right hand side of the motor against a rubber vibration absorbtion pad. I had to remove the one from the old motor and drill 4 holes though it, and then find some small screws to attach it to the motor.
Wiring needed adjustment, no crimps, so needed splicing into the old wires.
The earth tab is in a different place and collides with the casing.

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Description : - This is a spare part for the following:Bristan Hydropower 1000 Xt Thermostatic Power Shower - White, NewTeam 1000 Thermostatic Shower Spares, NewTeam 1000XM Shower Spares, NewTeam 1000XT Shower Spares, NewTeam 1500XT Shower Spares, Showerforce 1000-XM Shower Spares, Showerforce 1000XT, ShowerForce 1500-XT Shower Spares

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