Luxury 900 x 800 Low Get Rabate

Luxury 900 x 800 Low Profile Stone Resin Shower Trays 40mm Low Profile Slimline

Luxury 900 x 800 Low Profile Stone Resin Shower Trays 40mm Low Profile Slimline

Four Stars
Good value

Product Features

  • Quality 'Pearlstone Matrix' construction
  • Matrix allows and maintains screw retention
  • No shrinkage, warping or twisting, even with the largest of trays Super flat underside makes installation and levelling even easier
  • 30% Light, strong and durable
  • Modern profile (only 40mm depth), for easy access 90mm waste hole for use with chrome high flow waste

Product descriptions
Description : Product Details 900x800mm Rectangle Low Profile Stone Resin Shower Tray The modern, slimline design of the Niko Pearlstone Shower Trays makes them a versatile class leading tray, a perfect compliment to our stunning range of shower shower enclosures. They can be fitted inset into the floor to create a wetroom, flush to the floor as standard, or raised above the floor. With a depth of just 40mm, Pearlstone trays are amongst the slimmest on the market and are made of a patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' making the range one of the strongest and lightest available. Up to 30% lighter than conventional stone resin trays, these trays are easier and safer to handle and fit. All Pearlstone trays are acrylic capped and constructed from a polyurethane resin mixed with filler that includes volcanic ash. This matrix has screw retention, so that the feet from the riser kit can be screwed directly into the base of the tray. • No shrinkage, warping or twisting • Super flat underside making installatio...

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