Hostess Cordon Bleu side server On Sale

Hostess Cordon Bleu side server black finish

Hostess Cordon Bleu side server black finish

Perfect for Shabbat (Sabbath) meal
I use this for keeping food warm for the Jewish Sabbath meal. I run it on a timer. As it doesn't have a thermostat, there is no halachic problem with opening and closing the door on the Sabbath. The heat element is constantly on, and keeps the food at a perfect serving temperature. It takes about half an hour to heat food that is at room temperature, 45 minutes if straight from the refrigerator. The glass dishes are big enough to hold two side dishes each, like potatoes and peas. Watch out for moist foods, and the flavors will mix. They are a breeze to clean. My only worry is replacing one if it breaks, since they are not any standard size, and I didn't see replacement dishes on the company's site. The bottom drawer keeps chicken and schnitzel at perfect temperature without drying them. You might want to place a square of aluminum foil over the schnitzel, if you don't want it too crispy. We usually have 6-8 people for a meal, and this is the perfect size. The server replaced...
Product Features

  • 3 Pyrex glass dishes included
  • toughened glass drop down door
  • on/off neon light

Product descriptions
Description : When you've sweated over a hot stove or BBQ to create something really special you deserve a second helping and a third come to that.(Br)With a side server close to hand every serving tastes as fresh as the first(BR)Keep your culinary creations within arms reach(BR)The Hostess handy side server allows you to offer your guests a greater choices of dishes and you won't have to leave the table to serve them

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