H.Koenig G6 Steam Generator, 2200 Big Discount

H.Koenig G6 Steam Generator, 2200 Watt

H.Koenig G6 Steam Generator, 2200 Watt

Do not buy
Bought this as looked good on pic and positive review.
This iron is not fit for purpose. The plastic siding on which it sits melts into the iron- the flooring is heat resistant but you have to be extremely watchful not to let it touch the sides.
I would've been happier if it ironed well but my Philips which is half the price does a better job- the sole plate is too small and this iron actually creates more work for you by adding creases as you glide it- far from the super glide it claims to be in the posting!
It also does not have adjustable steam outlet- 1 pressure only.

Product Features

  • Super glide stainless steel soleplate
  • Steam button
  • Steam pressure: 3.5 bars
  • Steam: 80g
  • Cork handle for a better grip

Product descriptions

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