Fold Out Guest Chair Z Discount !!

Fold Out Guest Chair Z Bed Futon Sofa for Adult and Kids folding mattress

Fold Out Guest Chair Z Bed Futon Sofa for Adult and Kids folding mattress

Product Features

  • made from foam only easy to fold and spread it even for children
  • made from top quality futon and removable 100% cotton and stain resistant washable velour cover
  • Maximum comfort - the highest, available on the market, the thickness of the mattress - 15cm, length 2m up
  • 200cm x 70cm x 15cm high (opened)
  • Functionality - use it as a chair, mattress, bed for guests, chair easy to move and move, break down and submitted several motions

Product descriptions
Description : We offer a colorful , sensational quality and comfortable sofa for a child and adult , which also functions as a comfortable , spacious bed . The sofa is made of high quality polyurethane foam and surface is made of strong, velor upholstery with a touch of 100% cotton .
All elements harmonize with each other in style. You can choose designs you like. Sofa has a certificate that guarantees the safe and enjoyable use .
Proper hardness and density of the foam - for the sake of convenience and toddler health
UE product - the highest quality workmanship
Lots of designs to choose from - easy to find a model that fits both your child's tastes , as well as to the arrangement of the little room.
100% safety - no sharp , hard , and other dangerous items, all materials are certified
Functionality and ergonomics - a piece of furniture acts as sofa and bed , the child can easily independently folded out on.
Easy to clean - covers are removable , machine washable at 30 degrees.
Resistance to destruc...

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