EK1295 Giles & Posner Sous SALE

EK1295 Giles & Posner Sous Vide, 5.7 Litre, 450 Watt

EK1295 Giles & Posner Sous Vide, 5.7 Litre, 450 Watt

Product Features

  • Cooks steak, vegetables, chicken breasts and ribs perfectly!
  • Power: 450watts
  • 5.7L capacity
  • Digital display
  • Power & Ready indicator light

Product descriptions
Description : The Giles & Posner Sous Vide is a fantastic home appliance slow cooker that cooks food via an "under vacuum" cooking method that has been used in all the top restaurants. The process is to seal your food in vacuum sealed pouches and left submerged in the Sous Vide at a precisely controlled temperature. It's innovative design and method means food is cooked perfectly throughout without losing any of it's moisture and flavour. *Pouches sold separately Cooks steaks, vegetables, chicken breasts, fish and ribs perfectly. Great for pre-lunches and dinners Cool touch stainless steel housing Does not overcook Digital display Capacity: 5.7 L Power: 450 W

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