eCare EB183D Extra Low Voltage Get Rabate

eCare EB183D Extra Low Voltage Electric Blanket Single/ King Size

eCare EB183D Extra Low Voltage Electric Blanket Single/ King Size

It does the job and it does it well
This blanket is very enjoyable. It's not too hot and it maintains a very comfortable temperature. The internal wires are almost imperceptible although I did find it made the mattress feel a bit firmer the first few days. Each side of the bed has it's own independent temperature control, which requires it's own mains connection, but allows you to adjust to your own taste.

For people planning to use this outside of the UK, the accepted input voltage can be anywhere from 100-240 VAC. The cord that plugs into the wall is user replaceable with a standard 2 wire power cord that can be purchased from any home improvement store.

My only complaint is that the elastic straps are a bit short. They are very stretchy, so it's not a big issue, but I'd rather have had something that is adjustable so that it isn't compressing my memory foam mattress quite so much.

Overall, I really like this blanket and would recommend it to others.

Product Features

  • Extra safe low voltage and shockproof
  • Eliminates harmful electromagnetic radiation associated with other electric blankets
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Outer covering made from 100% cotton
  • Three heat settings - low, medium and high with two convenient OFF positions
  • KING SIZE: 1830 x 2000 mm (Dual controller)

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