Daylight infra-red Nail Wrap Heat Discount !!

Daylight infra-red Nail Wrap Heat Lamp

Daylight infra-red Nail Wrap Heat Lamp

Great for a comforting warm rest
I bought this for my elderly arthritic dog. He likes to lie under it when he has been for a strenuous long walk. It has a slider which adjusts the intensity. I have set it up so that he has a good distance between him and the lamp so that he does not get too hot. I put it on the lowest setting at night for a couple of hours when he goes to bed. Sometimes he asks for it to be put on at other times so he is definitely feeling the benefit. I am thinking of investing in another for our use for sports injuries and so on. It screws to a shelf or table top. A book case is ideal. I think this is better than a large base pedestal which you can buy but it looks as if it takes up a lot of room and looks rather clinical.

Product Features

  • 250W Infra-Red Heat bulb - for a relaxing, shooting and healing warmth
  • Light dimmer from 1 to 250W - Control the intensity of your treatment
  • 60cm long flexible arm - Extra long reach to direct the light exactly where needed
  • Use 2 heat lamps on 1 stand with our accessory T-bar (D51004)
  • Replacement bulb: D11001

Product descriptions
Description : The 250W infra-red heat bulb emits relaxing and healing warmth, for high-standard cosmetic and beauty treatments and relief of muscular pain. Complete with a dimmer to regulate the intensity of the treatment. The 60cm strong and flexible arm makes accurate positioning very easy. The grill prevents accidental contact with the hot bulb and the double-walled shade guarantees that you only heat the targeted body area. Simply the best lamp for infra-red heat treatments in professional beauty salons and spas.

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