Comprehensive Floristry Toolbox Smithers Oasis SALE

Comprehensive Floristry Toolbox Smithers Oasis Floral Products

Comprehensive Floristry Toolbox Smithers Oasis Floral Products

Useless, it wouldn't cut butter.

Product Features

  • Comes complete with a strong, durable tool box included
  • An ideal storage / transportation box for all your tools and accessory products
  • Durable curver tool box which is self contained with tray, lid compartments and carry handle
  • Metal latches hold the tool box securely shut when not in use
  • Products and colours of products may vary slightly from those pictured in main image

Product descriptions
Description : Contains: 1 Pair Oasis Secateurs, 1 Pair stainless steel scissors, 1 Pair heavy duty wire cutters, 1 Oasis knife, 1 Oasis Iglu, 1 x 144 Pearl pins 4cm, 1 Reel bindwire, 1 Roll polybast twine, 50g Mossing (German) pins, 1 Floral adhesive tube, 4 Pinholders (Frogs), 1 Can leafshine, 10 Sachets flower food, Cut wire lengths (4 different gauges supplied in protective tubes), Decorative wires (4 Reels bullion wire, 4 reels metallic wire), 1 Reel binding wire, 1 Roll 9mm pot tape, 1 Roll stemtex tape, 1 Roll green parafilm, 10cm of oasis fix. Please note: The actual toolbox is not made by Smithers Oasis

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