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Artificial Grass, 22mm Thick - 2m Wide (4.50m x 2m)

Artificial Grass, 22mm Thick - 2m Wide (4.50m x 2m)

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Product Features

  • 22mm Pile Height. Available 2m & 4m Wide
  • Authentic Realistic Appearance. Composed of 3 different shades for a natural look.
  • Water Resistant Latex Backing with drainage holes. Ideal for Gardens, Terraces, Landscapes etc.
  • Easy to fit and maintain. Pet friendly, no spoiled patches.
  • A Quality Artificial Grass. Not a cheap looking "Greengrocers table" grass.

Product descriptions
Description : 22mm deep pile Hard wearing synthetic grass surface High quality latex backing provides a solid foundation as well as a built-in weed barrier Will stay flat under its own weight, removing the need for sand in-fill/dressing Pre-punched for drainage Soft underfoot Available in widths of 2m or 4m Available in lengths from 1m up to 25m (in half-metre increments) Easily cleaned; can be hosed down, brushed or even hoovered! High UV resistance Child and pet friendly 7 year manufacturers guarantee, with a life expectancy of around 20 years under normal domestic conditions Can be easily trimmed with a StanleyTM knife or heavy duty scissors Wider or irregularly-shaped plots can be covered by multiple strips joined with specialist adhesive and joining tape Weight: 2.5kg per sq.m

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