Wall Barometer Traditional Wooden Plaque Promo Offer

Wall Barometer Traditional Wooden Plaque Barometer made by Woodford.

Wall Barometer Traditional Wooden Plaque Barometer made by Woodford.

Excellent Present
My brother loves to know what's going on with the weather. He'd rather spend hours trying to work it out for himself than watch the estimates on TV. This is why I decided to buy him this wooden barometer for his last birthday. I had actually bought one for a friend previously who loved it so decided to go ahead and purchase my brother the same one. This wall barometer is described as traditional English and I have to say this is right. It actually reminds me of some of the barometers I've seen in the odd period drama so traditional is a great word to sum this up.

Before giving it to my brother I inspected it (I always do when I buy items online) and I have to say from my point of view it looked well made and really stylish. The wood surrounding the barometer itself is said to be genuine veneer and I believe it. The product overall looks really sophisticated too.

Needless to say I wrapped this up and gave it to my brother for his birthday. He was more than...
Product Features

  • Luxurious Veneer - Precision German mechanism & 4 inch dial
  • Complete with Gift Booklet on how to use and enjoy your barometer
  • Solid Brass Bezel, fine veneer wood, made in the UK by Woodford.
  • All models have a one-year no quibble guarantee
  • A very popular gift - you can give with confidence.

Product descriptions
Description : This 6-inch diameter round barometer has the combination of classic shape, quality and excellent price, and is produced by int he UK Woodford (est 1860) a very respected barometer maker.
The dial is 4 inches in diameter and the outer case 6 inches across. It comes complete with an 8 page booklet showing you how to easily set up your barometer and what the readings actually mean, enabling you get the most enjoyment of predicting your local weather.

It is has a mahogany veneer, and solid brass bezel. We specialize in bringing you reliable and well-made barometers; designed to be enjoyed for many years and this model is a fine example.

Enjoy forecasting the unpredictable British weather. Makes a delightful present - to yourself or a loved one. Woodford have been manufacturing since 1860 and have an excellent reputation. It is easy to setup and has full instructions.

14.5 cm in diameter with a dial size of 10cm. Supplied in 1-2 working days with free UK shipping.

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