The SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate On Sale

The SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate

The SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate

Product Features

  • Our exclusive products are made from a selection of nature's most amazing and sustainable materials.
  • Our unique lava stones allow you to enjoy cooking your food live at the table, exactly as you like.
  • Creating dining occasions that can be experienced indoors or out, all year round.
  • Meaning that every last bite will be enjoyed as hot and delicious as the first.

Product descriptions
Description : The SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate is designed as a central feature for your dining table, allowing you to present a selection of meat, fish and vegetables which will be sizzling away to the intrigue and delight of your family and friends. Why not offer three different cuts of steak for the real steak connoisseurs to debate the best, or perhaps matching sized fillets from three different countries to battle out which is the most flavoursome. Whatever you choose you can rest assured that the sizzling hot stone will sear in the natural moisture and flavours of your chosen cuts and with no oils or fats required it's a fresh, fun and healthy way to cook every bite to perfection. The Lava Stone used in all SteakStones products is guaranteed to be the best available product from which to enjoy hot stone cooking. The stones require heating to between 280-350° Celsius (approx 540-660° Fahrenheit) for optimal use and you will soon find the perfect temperature for you to enjoy your steak, exa...

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