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Tefal Cube and Stick

Tefal Cube and Stick

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The Tefal Cube and Stick is a well designed bit of kitchen kit that will speed up prep time if you have a lot to do.

Fortunately I'm a fan of soups and veggie dishes, so savings in time vs the time spent in cleaning the machine vs a knife and chopping board can be taken into account.

The Cube and Stick seems to be well thought out, and comes with 5 different tapes, (I'm not entirely sure why they are called tapes) and these plastic forms hold the blades, or graters. The machine automatically adjusts it's speed depending on which tape is in use.

They all fit together in a snug little perspex container, along with a small brush to help during clean up.

During my use, the firmer the veg, fruit or cheese the better, soft fruits and cooked veg can get a little squashed and messy if you are not careful, but I did manage to slice some brie straight out of the fridge.

It didn't cope so well with hard root veg like swede and sweet potato...
Product Features

  • Innovative product to shred, slice, dice & chop in seconds
  • 5 blade cartridges for: Slicing, Thin & Thick shredding, Chopping into Cubes, Chopping into sticks
  • Smart storage system directly on the product
  • Automatic speed adaptation to suit the blade cartridge you are using
  • Direct serve into serving plate/bowl

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