SALAV GS16-DJ 1500W Clothes Steamer Big SALE

SALAV GS16-DJ 1500W Clothes Steamer

SALAV GS16-DJ 1500W Clothes Steamer

OK for basic steaming only
I bought this Salav steamer to replace my old steamer, of a different brand, when I wore it up after 12 years of constant steaming. I bought the Salav rather than replacing like for like, based on the reviews. My conclusion: it steams relatively well, and works best when the clothes are hung against a flat surface on clothes hangers. The system is heavy enough to provide some stability when steaming, and doesn't tip over. However, the hose is too short. I have had to create a way of getting round this problem by using a vertical wardrobe hanger to hang the clothes, on hangers, to allow them to hang low enough to steam. The other slight issue is with a small plastic prong that sticks out at the bottom of the steamer head... Used only when fixing additional head pieces. This catches onto delicate fabrics and I am worried it will spoil garments. Finally the water container is smaller than my previous model and needs more topping up when working. Therefore, I cannot give it a 5 star. In...
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