Paul Neuhaus 2501-55 G9 28 Get Rabate

Paul Neuhaus 2501-55 G9 28 Watt Halogen Track Light, Silver

Paul Neuhaus 2501-55 G9 28 Watt Halogen Track Light, Silver

Paul Neuhaus - Womble Five Light Bar Sport Light in Steel - Fitting fun
The light is up on my ceiling & looks beautiful. However it took two of us four hours to get it working.
From unpacking to flicking the switch took only 45mins but when only three of the lights illuminated, thats where the fun started. The problem is with the connecters, they are so tempremental!
This is how we overcame the issue.
Position the connecters roughly where you want them on the tracking, before attaching to the ceiling. Make sure that the connecter thread is on right [ sounds easy but it isn't ] don't worry if it doesn't illuminate when the power is connected. What we found to work is that you need to unscrew the connecter thread enough to allow you to slide left or right on the tracking until you get power. Once you have power,very,very slowly reposition the light to where you want it. Tighten the thread as much as you can once you are happy with the spacing.

Good look, it was worth it in the end.

Product Features

  • ECO-Halogen bulb
  • Track light
  • Stainless steel coloured
  • Indoor light
  • IP 20

Product descriptions
Description : with G9 5x28 watt, length: 2000 mm, colour steel; labelling of lamp: energy efficiency category: C, luminous flux: 370 lumen, power: 28 watt, luminous colour: 2800 kelvin, rated life: 2000 h

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