La Cuisine 20 cm Cast On Sale

La Cuisine 20 cm Cast Iron Round Casserole, Red

La Cuisine 20 cm Cast Iron Round Casserole, Red

Five Stars
great size, cooks lovely stew and half the price of some of the others

Product Features

  • Quality Cast Iron
  • Energy Efficient only requires low to medium heat
  • 1.7lt
  • Safe, cast iron is instrinsically safe dose not emit any dangerous toxins
  • Versatile, suitable for just about anything when it comes to cooking

Product descriptions
Description : The Elysee range is produced for you using the latest state of the art technology in cast iron. Production has been moved away from the traditional floor-casted method in favour of the ultra reliable DisaMatic production method. Each La Cuisine casserole pot is produced using sand moulds, which are used only once.

The advantages of this production method are many, including a better, more uniform casting. Also, as every single piece has its own mould, it is the case that every single piece of La Cuisine cookware is truly special and unique!

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