Kaiser 60/ 120cm Mattress Cover SALE

Kaiser 60/ 120cm Mattress Cover (Natural)

Kaiser 60/ 120cm Mattress Cover (Natural)

Product Features

  • An ideal for a peaceful sleep
  • Lambskin is a natural heat regulator
  • Warms the winter and cools in the summer
  • Self-cleaning to fresh air
  • Hand wash or water by a professional
  • Lambskin--ideal as a natural heat regulator
  • Hand-washable
  • Natural mattress cover

Product descriptions
Description : Kaiser lambskin mattress topper Kaiser lambskin mattress topper with short and thick pile. The temperature-balancing, moisture-absorbing qualities of the tanned skin create an ideal climate for naturally healthy sleep. Special tanning makes the fur silky and soft, but the leather solid. Fur height 30 mm. Regardless of the outside temperature, genuine lambskin generates consistent, dry warmth in summer and winter alike. Use a genuine lambskin on or underneath your sheet. For maximum benefit, we recommend lying directly on the lambskin. The topper can be washed with lambskin shampoo at 30 °C. Please note the wash instruction. With elasticated strips which fit over the corners of your mattress. Since this is a natural product, dimensions and colours may vary slightly. Item properties: Contact service@erwinmueller.com for your customized sizes. height approx. 3 cm natural hair/fiber origin of filling Polen piped edge temperature balancing Material composition: 100% lambskin Care Instructi...

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