Greenis Slow Juicer F-9007 in Discount !!

Greenis Slow Juicer F-9007 in Metallic Blue

Greenis Slow Juicer F-9007 in Metallic Blue

Product Features

  • Parts Made From BPA Free Super Tough GE Ultem
  • Virtually Silent - Juices as Fast as a Centrifugal Juicer
  • Includes Soft Fruit Screen & Tofu Kit
  • 5 Year Motor Warranty, 2 Years on Parts
  • Single Auger Slow Juicer

Product descriptions
Description : The New Greenis Slow Juicer F-9007 sits between the 1st and 2nd Generation Hurom models and it produces better results when juicing leafy greens with less pulp in the juice. All juicing parts are made from BPA free plastic, the squeezing screw and strainer are made from super-tough GE Ultem material. Removable juice cap helps retain the liquid inside the juicer, allowing efficient mixing of juices, reduces foam, aids cleaning as it can retain water inside whilst running. Redesigned double edged auger takes two bites per turn. Notched so that long fibres from leafy greens get broken down better reducing blocking problems. Completely BPA Free and made from super tough GE-Ultem material which is eight times stronger than ABS plastic. A quiet 150 watt heavy-duty AC induction motor turns the squeezing screw at 65 RPM ensuring minimal oxygen is introduced and extending the shelf-life of the juice. CE Certified, 220 volts, fitted with UK plug and has a 5 year UK motor warranty and 2 Years...

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