Burco MFCT1030 (444440353) Cygnet Water Promo Offer

Burco MFCT1030 (444440353) Cygnet Water Boiler, Manual Fill, 30 L

Burco MFCT1030 (444440353) Cygnet Water Boiler, Manual Fill, 30 L

Good value
I too bought this as a boiler for brewing and it works well. It boils liquids from room temperature in an hour and ten minutes, fairly consistently, hotter liquids faster. The maximum setting enables a rolling boil, but you do need to experiment with the controls a bit for temperatures for mash or sparging etc., where you need to work with a thermometer to get it just right: I use a cheap one with a longish cable to drop into the water, although you can't fully tighten the lid, but it works. I am well pleased with this model, which seem to be good value: only wish that hey did a 60 litre version too.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Durable and easy to clean 
  • Adjustable thermostat - 50°C to 98°C
  • 9 heat settings
  • Concealed element

Product descriptions
Description : Having filled the boiler with water, the power may be switched on. The green light will glow to show power is connected to the urn. To bring water to the boil the thermostat control knob should be turned to the 6 position. If it is necessary to keep the water at an exact temperature, use a thermometer to check this. Stir the water before taking the temperature and when the desired temperature has been reached, turn the control knob slowly to the left until a click from the thermostat is heard. The thermostat will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature. When the water starts to boil turn the control knob to approximately setting 5 to keep it simmering. To maintain the water at any other temperature, set the thermostat control knob (approximately) to one of the following positions: Setting 1 37 Degs C (99 Degs F) Setting 2 55 Degs C (131 Degs F) Setting 3 68 Degs C (155 Degs F) Setting 4 82 Degs C (180 Degs F) Setting 5/6 100 Degs C (212 Degs F) FEATURES: Thermostatic Control ...

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